A Couple of Belters from 2014

Afternoon all, it’s been a number of weeks again since blogging and bringing you the latest delectable offerings from the world of sound. I must add, before continuing, that the Miley Cyrus sampling still fails to bode well with me, but I’m hoping that it will be a grower of sorts? Feel free to let me know your views on this.

Anyway, I digress. Down to business then. I’ve decided to compile a brief piece about two outstanding records to hit shelves thus far this year (and ones that must be purchased with haste if they haven’t already been). There have been plenty of absolute crackers released, which made me rather thrilled even by the tail end of January. Here are two integral albums: the latest from both Warpaint and Mogwai.

Warpaint - Warpaint

My favourite delicately sultry, effortlessly grungey girls are back, with a splendid new record. Thankfully, it meets their prior typecast standards, which is worthy of applause, as I was left hungering for more after 2010’s “The Fool”. The album begins with the rather obviously stated “Intro”, containing a wistful, gorgeous melody deriving from plucked bass guitar strings. The familiar “Biggy” still fails to disappoint, whilst the upbeat “Feeling Alright” emerges as an angelic, pleasant surprise, contrasting the sadness of “Son”.

Mogwai - Rave Tapes

I’m yet to tire from the elegant gloom of “Les Revenants”, and quite certain this new offering is about to follow suit. “Remurdered” instantly reminds my ears of their French zombie saga soundtrack, which is an exciting prospect. “Rave Tapes” transcends into delicious, yet hammering riffs, which is showcased stupendously in “Hexon Bogon”, but then meshes back into the soft instrumental fold. After dips in and out of OST mode, the album remains powerful to the bitter end, not least in “No Medicine for Regret”.

Hunger for More: alt-j Return


Smooth, subtle, and in typical alt-j fashion, “Hunger of the Pine” brings our desperate ears something from the band, finally! However, I advise caution, for the reason there seems so much attention shrouding the track is that they have shoehorned in a rather obscure hook; Miley Cyrus, no less. For a group who have excelled at being tirelessly edgy and bold, this could be deemed the next great step. Though, my eyebrows are raised. Can I be the only sane mind who fails to enjoy the Miley sampling, or am I making a fair judgement? Take 5 minutes out to listen to the above, and make your own conclusion.

During my absence, the stunning new offering from Coldplay has soared. I don’t think the new album contains any pieces devoid of composure, emotion and harmony. It’s a must-listen/buy (immediately).

During my absence, the stunning new offering from Coldplay has soared. I don’t think the new album contains any pieces devoid of composure, emotion and harmony. It’s a must-listen/buy (immediately).


It’s been a while, but I’m here again to introduce your ears to the best new music, and some of my favourite vibes. Assemble yourself and be prepared for some fresh hooks coming soon.

For those alternatively, or additionally, thoroughly engrossed in that football tournament in Brazil, here’s a link to my World Cup blog:


Wow, even the soundtrack is flawless…

This is just a really great rap-infused remix of a killer track from Foster The People's new album, "Supermodel", which is just as wild and eccentric as the last, but with some ace twists.

Keep an ear open for…

Chet Faker has some great new stuff in the mix, so I hear; whilst Aloe Blacc has a new, astonishingly vibrant, catchy, terrific album out this week!

Please come and click on this again around the month of August, Pimm’s in hand.

This is dreadfully, almost embarrassingly late to post (apologies, Mr. V McMorrow), but I really must. It’s effortless and utterly fabulous, not to mention the cracking flamingo-amongst-flora aesthetics.

Angel Haze - “Dirty Gold” Review.

(I’m a huge Angel Haze fan, so here is an extremely late and short (as many will be) review from January).

Finally, in physical form, is the album from the ferocious woman who defied her label to release this stellar piece. She’s a definite contender for the feistiest female in rap, which is boastfully demonstrated in "Echelon (It’s My Way)”, where Haze talks of fashion and money, almost to the point of admirably rivalling most men in her line of business. Her creation of "New York", sampling Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx, will forever impart a bold, noteworthy statement; whilst "Deep Sea Diver" unveils a new layer of raw emotion.