Wow, even the soundtrack is flawless…

This is just a really great rap-infused remix of a killer track from Foster The People's new album, "Supermodel", which is just as wild and eccentric as the last, but with some ace twists.

Keep an ear open for…

Chet Faker has some great new stuff in the mix, so I hear; whilst Aloe Blacc has a new, astonishingly vibrant, catchy, terrific album out this week!

Please come and click on this again around the month of August, Pimm’s in hand.

This is dreadfully, almost embarrassingly late to post (apologies, Mr. V McMorrow), but I really must. It’s effortless and utterly fabulous, not to mention the cracking flamingo-amongst-flora aesthetics.

Angel Haze - “Dirty Gold” Review.

(I’m a huge Angel Haze fan, so here is an extremely late and short (as many will be) review from January).

Finally, in physical form, is the album from the ferocious woman who defied her label to release this stellar piece. She’s a definite contender for the feistiest female in rap, which is boastfully demonstrated in "Echelon (It’s My Way)”, where Haze talks of fashion and money, almost to the point of admirably rivalling most men in her line of business. Her creation of "New York", sampling Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx, will forever impart a bold, noteworthy statement; whilst "Deep Sea Diver" unveils a new layer of raw emotion.


It’s shocking to say that I haven’t posted on here since December - have I seriously not been on? It’s March!

Anyway, I suppose that sets up my point about the art of being busy (though, it’s become a regular pattern, rather than an art) and brings me to what the title hints.

I’ve always been a really active person; something on the go, something constantly teetering into the zone of ‘doing’. However, lately, I’ve become terribly busy, either with genuine fun-evoking plans or with things I have to scrub off the to-do list (assignments, big exam revision - yes, I pay to do all this sinful educational palaver).

I digress. What I’m trying to get across is that, I’m not going to be on here as much currently, sadly, so reviews I intended to display won’t be up for a while. However, I shall leave small tasters of decent tracks I’m enjoying (fairly often).

It isn’t too corny to say I decided to post this because I first heard it on today’s Home and Away episode (UK)?

It’s quite a humbling piece, with a soft melody and vocals, which then emerge into something more boastful. It’s great, and suited the storyline to a tee.

TKO didn’t even require any amendments, but somehow this has enhanced 20/20 -¬†and it’s just wild.

So I’m a relentless fan of Aussies, their soaps, and obviously Flume. But now I’m in a whole new dimension; this is grand.